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Beautiful Things UV DTF 16oz Wrap

Beautiful Things UV DTF 16oz Wrap

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This listing is for Beautiful Things UV DTF 16oz Wrap (no cup will be sent)

No heat is required for application, the UV DTF is waterproof & permanent and printed with high quality inks. These wraps are perfect for your Libbey Glass Business or making custom cups for your loved ones birthdays and events!



1. Peel design transfer off of the backing.

2. Place the transfer onto the cup, making sure it is placed exactly where you want it to go. The adhesive on the transfer is strong, once the transfer touches the glass it is very difficult to take off without damaging the image.

3. Press the transfer down, working from the centre outwards and pushing out any bubbles that may be present. (It is normal to receive the transfer with some bubbles already present)

4. Use a squeegee to press all over the image, you can use your fingers but just make sure you really go for it and make sure the image has been pressed. More pressing the better!

5. Peel the carrier clear film off and that's it!


Please hand wash only. It's not advised for any item with the transfer on to be put in the dishwasher or microwave as the image will become damaged due to the pressure.

Be careful when applying your wrap as Wild Transfers is not responsible for application mishaps.


***Please Read: Not all brands of 16 oz. glass cans have the same measurements and can differ by a couple of millimetres. These wraps have been sized to fit 16oz Libbey glass cans. You may need to cut or adjust the design if needed***

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