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Build your own Gang Sheet

This listing is for a Custom UV DTF Metre Gang Sheet measuring at a whopping 22" x 39" (56cm x 100cm)



1. Select the size of the gang sheet you wish to order then click on the "build your own gang sheet" button just below. This will take you to our gang sheet builder which will allow you to upload your designs to your chosen sheet size. 

2. When you arrive to the gang sheet builder all you have to do is go to the top left and select 'Upload Image' and choose the images from your computer. Make sure your images are all PNG files. You can upload up to 20 images at once. Once you have selected your files they will show up in a box to the left where you can tap on each one to automatically upload onto the gang sheet. You can then manually size your images with the adjustable measurements section on the left of the screen and move them around to fit.

4. When you are resizing your images on the sheet, if your image is in a GREEN box, it will be printed at top quality, if it is in a ORANGE box the quality of your image might be a little bit blurry when printed. If your image is in a RED box, your image will likely be printed very blurry and pixelated. Each image depending on it's original size when uploaded will have a threshold of how much that image can be stretched and resized. Meaning if you start with a image that is originally quite small and you make it larger, the image quality will get worse. So make sure your images stay in the GREEN box

3. Don't have any images to upload? Worry not! When you are on the gang sheet builder, if you select the 'From Gallery' button below 'Upload Images' you will have access to all of the images used across the website to build your sheet with. The image previews have watermarks on them to protect there intellectual property but will not be printed when you receive your sheet. 

4. Once you have created your sheet you can then select the quantity you need of this sized sheet in the top right,  click save and add to cart. 

You then have the option to either add to cart and exit the builder, or add to cart and create a new design. Once you have finished creating all of your designs you will find all of the sheets you added to cart at checkout when you upload your last sheet, add to cart and exit the builder.

All orders come with UV DTF Instructions so you will have all you need =D But if you need to contact me for any extra help then click HERE.

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